Physical Therapy

physical therapist adjusting knee


Here in our physical therapy department we have a dedicated and veteran staff with a combination of over 35 years’ experience in the field.  We are here to provide you with excellent care using the latest modalities and manual techniques there are today. Our primary focus is to improve your health, well being, and restore your quality of life.  We’re here to make a difference, one day at a time, enriching lives through physical independence.

Physical therapy is the area of health care that specializes in disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Specifically, physical therapy evaluates the functional interdependence of each part of the musculoskeletal system and utilizes a variety of treatment methods to restore full movement and function to any areas with a deficiency. The methods include exercise, massage, heat and cold, and electricity. For example, exercise works the muscle group, ice reduces the swelling of the muscles, and heat aids in flexibility. Recently, Yoga and Pilates have been incorporated into therapy plans. Without a doubt, physical therapy is an innovative field that is focused on healing the patient and restoring them to optimum health.  

Physical therapy provides services that develop, maintain and restore a person’s movement and functional abilities.  It can help someone at any stage of life when movement and function are threatened by; aging, injury, disease, disorders and environmental factors. Some of the most common reasons to go have physical therapy are: reduce & eliminate pain, improve mobility, avoid surgery, recover from or prevent sports injuries, improve balance and prevent falls.

The doctor and physical therapist work together to develop a therapy strategy that will enable the patient to fully recover. The patient and physical therapist work together to restore full movement and functionality to the affected areas.  Pacific Spine and Rehab has a comprehensive team who will tailor a plan depending on your injuries, limitations, and goals.